Goblet Shape Pt. 3

Welcome to the concluding post on the Goblet Shape. Let's finish this! Tights and Leggings: Knock yourself out with tights and leggings. In the right material, they can smooth cellulite, stretch marks and bumps on the thighs and legs leaving you smooth and sexy. Look for denim and thick jersey fabrics if you really need… Continue reading Goblet Shape Pt. 3


Goblet (Inverted Triangle) Body Shape Pt. 2

Welcome to the 2nd part of the Goblet body shape. Sorry for the long absence but health got in the way. I do want to give as much information as possible for these body shapes so they might run into 3 or 4 parts per body shape. Stay with me. I promise it's worth it.… Continue reading Goblet (Inverted Triangle) Body Shape Pt. 2

Lazy For Lace?

Welcome to the maiden edition of CGC Weekly! In these posts, I intend to give you tips that will guide your clothing and shopping decisions for the week ahead. I just want to make your choices even easier for you, darlings! As we all know, curvy girls apply and need different rules. Instead of letting this… Continue reading Lazy For Lace?

Diamond Facial Shape Pt. 2

Hello, Curvy Girls! Welcome to the concluding part of the Diamond Facial Shape. I will try to fill in all the blanks about what you need to accessorize this lovely shape. Let's dive in! Hairstyles - This lovely face has a lot of lines and edges. As a curvy girl, your face might be a… Continue reading Diamond Facial Shape Pt. 2

Diamond Facial Shape Pt. 1

(www.pinterest.com) Hello Curvy girls! I’ve missed you all so much! My hands have been and out of bandages as they seemed to be dislocating every time I used them. But they are getting better and I’ve missed writing so much that I’m willing to risk it. We have 2 more shapes left in the facial… Continue reading Diamond Facial Shape Pt. 1

Oval Facial Shape Pt. 2

Hello, Curvy Girls! Sorry for the delay but at the risk of sounding like a broken record, with RA and Fibromyalgia in the mix, the only definite plans are medical visits. Hahahahaha. Ok, moving on. Let’s continue with the second part of this lovely face. Hairstyles – As mentioned before, this is one of the… Continue reading Oval Facial Shape Pt. 2

Square (Rectangle) Facial Shapes Pt.2

Hello and welcome to the second edition of Square Facial Shapes! We will be learning much today so let’s get to it! Hairstyles – Remember that you are trying to create a more proportionate face. This means that you don’t want your face looking longer than it already is. Neither do you want it squarer… Continue reading Square (Rectangle) Facial Shapes Pt.2

Square (Rectangle) Facial Shape Pt. 1

Welcome to the continuation of the Facial Shapes series. As usual, we will take one facial shape through two posts to ensure we cover as much ground as possible. We will be discussing the Square shape in this and the following article so let’s get to it!  A square shape is characterised by a heavier,… Continue reading Square (Rectangle) Facial Shape Pt. 1

Skincare Tips for Your 30s

  Hey, Curvy Girls! Today we will be taking a break from the Facial Shapes Series (just a short one, promise) and I'm going to be sharing some tips for skin care. Let's start with the things you should know about your skin by the time you hit your 30s. What is your skin type?… Continue reading Skincare Tips for Your 30s

Facial Shapes – Oblong Face Pt. 2

Hello Curvy Girls! Welcome to the 2nd edition of Oblong Faces in the Facial Shapes series. We will be learning all the other stuff girls with Oblong faces need to bring out their inner Curvy Girl. Let’s get started! Hairstyles – As the effect is to widen and shorten the face, styles that are piled… Continue reading Facial Shapes – Oblong Face Pt. 2

Facial Shapes – Heart Face Pt. 2

Hello ladies, before we start on part 2, I received some requests from my readers that needed to be added to my articles. Looks like I was already on the right path but needed to go deeper and broader. I have taken your comments and worked on them and I hope to be as broad… Continue reading Facial Shapes – Heart Face Pt. 2

Facial Shapes – Heart Face Pt.1

Welcome to the 2nd Edition in my Facial Shapes series. We will be discussing the Heart shape in this and the following article. This is due to a special request by one of my readers. As you ask, I will discuss accordingly. The heart shaped face is one of the cutest facial shapes characterised by… Continue reading Facial Shapes – Heart Face Pt.1