Facial Shapes – Round Face Pt. 1

Welcome to the first edition of Facial Shapes. I intend to take each facial shape as comprehensibly as possible so if you don’t see your facial shape immediately, do wait for the next edition. The facial shapes series is a 7-part series that will show you how to detect your facial shapes and what to… Continue reading Facial Shapes – Round Face Pt. 1

Colour Guide For Your Skintones

I hope you ladies found my skintone piece informative and are working on finding out what yours are. Skintones are one fundamental piece that can literally turn your whole style around. You will look more vibrant, your eyes will look clearer, you will glow and you will feel more alive than ever before. All this… Continue reading Colour Guide For Your Skintones

Getting the Best Hair Colour Results

As we get older, our colouring tends to change. Hair darkens or lightens, eyes darken or lighten, but it seems we never remember that skin does the same. Skin tones lighten and darken at different stages in your growth. You always remain within the same palette but you shift across the spectrum. For example, most… Continue reading Getting the Best Hair Colour Results


There are 4 different color tones, namely: Winter, Autumn, Spring, Summer Contrary to popular opinion even women of color fall into these tones. When I went online, I was surprised to find out that most black women fall into autumn or winter. This is simply not true! Each of these main tones are further broken… Continue reading DETECTING SKIN TONES

Simple Tips For Curvy Girls

Hello Curvy Girls! Today I will be doing some more simple tips for curvy girls. This is all just to lay the foundation for all the work we will be doing later. Don’t cringe at thought of the work involved. Curvy girls do have to go the extra mile to look good in a world… Continue reading Simple Tips For Curvy Girls

Tips For Curvy Perfection Pt. 2

  Experiment! Experiment!! Experiment!!! : See an outfit you like but don’t know if it will fit, try it out. Experiment. Keep your basic fashion rules in your head but don’t let your fears stop you from trying out everything and anything you like. So many people have found signature pieces that way and have… Continue reading Tips For Curvy Perfection Pt. 2

Tips for Curvy Perfection

Being a curvy girl and carrying it well is more than the clothes you wear. It is in your attitude. It is in the right hairstyle. The right makeup. The right accessories. You need the entire package for you to be truly curvy and perfect. As the fashion industry is just beginning to help curvy… Continue reading Tips for Curvy Perfection

Welcome to the CGC!

Welcome to the Curvy Girl Corner! This is a blog written by a curvy girl for curvy girls. It has been argued that I am not big enough to be a curvy girl but at 5”9 and size 18, I go through the same issues that a bigger woman would go through. While this blog… Continue reading Welcome to the CGC!

Working Through a Flare- Ardnassac — AutoImmune Chronicles

One of the scariest things that happens to someone who is living with a chronic illness are those crisis times, which we call flares. I have worked with HIV patients and seen the same helplessness claim them when they have their crisis times. I have seen the same thing happen to sufferers of sickle cell […]… Continue reading Working Through a Flare- Ardnassac — AutoImmune Chronicles