Who Needs Disposable Mascara Wands?

Hello Curvy Girls! Welcome to another titbit from CGC Weekly. As I've said before, this is just to give you tips that you can apply to your week to ensure you keep showing off the perfection of those curves. Continuing with the Mascara train of thought (yes, I'm obsessed with eye makeup. If the eyes… Continue reading Who Needs Disposable Mascara Wands?


Welcome to the Body Contouring Series! Goblet (Inverted Triangle) Body Shape Pt. 1

(www.insideoutstyle.com) Welcome to the Body Contouring Series! Everything we just did with the Facial Shape series we will be doing here but applying it to the body. Body contouring is all about knowing your body shape and choosing the right clothes that bring out the best while covering up those parts we feel aren't perfect,… Continue reading Welcome to the Body Contouring Series! Goblet (Inverted Triangle) Body Shape Pt. 1

How to Masc Right

Hi Curvy Girls! In this post, we will be discussing the different shapes of mascara wands in the market and how to choose what you need. I thought of listing them out and writing about each one in detail but as I want this information to be handy, I decided to go with images. I… Continue reading How to Masc Right

To Masc or not to Masc?

  Hello, Curvy Girls! Welcome to another CGC Weekly post. These posts are meant to give you simple tips to help you through your fashion and makeup choices for this week. Today, we're talking mascaras. Every pro will tell you that even with false lashes, you should wear mascara. And for us bespectacled girls, mascara… Continue reading To Masc or not to Masc?

Do’s and Dont’s for Lace

Hey, Curvy Girls! I hope your week has been going great and you're killing it by getting things done while looking wicked! In the last post, we discussed why Lace should become your new go-to. But you know how thorough I like to be cause you all deserve it. This post will be giving you… Continue reading Do’s and Dont’s for Lace

Lazy For Lace?

Welcome to the maiden edition of CGC Weekly! In these posts, I intend to give you tips that will guide your clothing and shopping decisions for the week ahead. I just want to make your choices even easier for you, darlings! As we all know, curvy girls apply and need different rules. Instead of letting this… Continue reading Lazy For Lace?

Pear/Triangle Facial Shape Pt. 2

Welcome to the CGC! This post is the 2nd part of the Pear Triangle Facial Shape. It will also be the concluding part of the Facial Shape series. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed researching and writing it. We will be covering all the other details needed to show you… Continue reading Pear/Triangle Facial Shape Pt. 2

Pear/Triangle Facial Shape Pt.1

Welcome to the concluding part of the Facial Shape Series. In the next two posts, we'll be looking at the Pear Facial Shape and how to get the best from it. The Pear Face Shape is also called the Triangular Face because of its characteristics. The forehead is narrow and the jawline is wide and… Continue reading Pear/Triangle Facial Shape Pt.1

Diamond Facial Shape Pt. 2

Hello, Curvy Girls! Welcome to the concluding part of the Diamond Facial Shape. I will try to fill in all the blanks about what you need to accessorize this lovely shape. Let's dive in! Hairstyles - This lovely face has a lot of lines and edges. As a curvy girl, your face might be a… Continue reading Diamond Facial Shape Pt. 2

Diamond Facial Shape Pt. 1

(www.pinterest.com) Hello Curvy girls! I’ve missed you all so much! My hands have been and out of bandages as they seemed to be dislocating every time I used them. But they are getting better and I’ve missed writing so much that I’m willing to risk it. We have 2 more shapes left in the facial… Continue reading Diamond Facial Shape Pt. 1

Oval Facial Shape Pt. 2

Hello, Curvy Girls! Sorry for the delay but at the risk of sounding like a broken record, with RA and Fibromyalgia in the mix, the only definite plans are medical visits. Hahahahaha. Ok, moving on. Let’s continue with the second part of this lovely face. Hairstyles – As mentioned before, this is one of the… Continue reading Oval Facial Shape Pt. 2

Oval Facial Shape Pt.1

http://www.helensstyle.com) Welcome to the continuation of the Facial Shapes series. As usual, we will take one facial shape through two posts to ensure we cover as much ground as possible. In the next 2 posts, we will be discussing the Oval Face. I like to refer to this as the well-balanced egg. It is often… Continue reading Oval Facial Shape Pt.1