Diamond Facial Shape Pt. 2

Hello, Curvy Girls! Welcome to the concluding part of the Diamond Facial Shape. I will try to fill in all the blanks about what you need to accessorize this lovely shape. Let’s dive in!

Diamond face hair = edna.bg
Diamond face hair = bloggersarena.com via pinterest
(bloggersarena.com via pinterest)

Hairstyles – This lovely face has a lot of lines and edges. As a curvy girl, your face might be a bit padded but you will see those lines and edges. So, we need to soften them up and add a bit of roundness to the face. Oddly enough, the same tips used to add squareness to a Round face adds softness to the Diamond face. Use chin length hair to reduce the pointiness of the chin. This style also helps balance the face against your curvy body. But if your face is really wide, then longer hair with choppy side swept bands is your go to. A full thick fringe also fills out your face, eliminating the straight angles. A great universal style for all women is the pixie cut. Make sure it’s layered with thick bangs and it will elongate the lines of the face while streamlining the entire body for the petite curvy girl. For women of color, the Fro is still the most universal style for all face shapes. But when you’re ready or feel like owning your face, tuck the sides of your hair behind your ears, wear an updo and let those gorgeous angles slice through!

Diamond Face - Instagram
(instagram – Mia Rose – Let’s FACE it!!)

Makeup – This is an important step for us curvy girls because of that little extra padding we carry on our faces. Makeup follows a very simple rule: Conceal the parts you really don’t like, highlight the areas light will hit, places you want to look broader and parts you want to show off. Then, contour everything you want to fade away.
In this case, you want to conceal dark circles, spots (if you have), eye bags and any other blemishes. Next, you need to show off the middle of your forehead and cute, almost elfin chin so highlight them. Finally, contour the widest parts which are your cheekbones and forehead sides, close to the hairline to slim them down. Voila! see how hot you look!!

Diamond Face ear
Diamond face - www.google.sn

Jewelry – The rules guiding your choice of necklaces also rule your necklines (after the next 2 posts, we will be starting the body shape series which will cover necklines more extensively). One of my favorite sayings goes – ‘the Devil is in the Details’. Nowhere else is this as true as in fashion (excluding contracts involving money, of course). One detail out of place can offset your whole look. Hence the need to know and do the right thing. Now for this exotic face shape, your best bet is simple earrings. You see, your face is lovely enough that simple jewelry stands out on you. No need for chandelier earrings. If you must wear dangling jewelry, make sure it’s an inverted form of your face ie bottom heavy (slim on top, wider or thicker at the bottom) shapes like triangles and teardrops. Use large hoops and square-ish studs to soften the entire face. For necklaces, you can wear any of the following styles: Full necklaces will balance out your face to body lines. Triple strand and waterfall will streamline your entire look while slimming your face. Collars and chokers will also lend fullness to your face while lending elegance to your neck. Do remember to ensure that your accessories are the right size to match your size. As a curvy girl, get used to chunky jewelry because will further enhance your curves.

Diaond Shape eyewear - verily magazine
(verily magazine)
Diamond face eyewear - www.myglassesandme.co.uk
Eyewear diamond face 1

Eyewear – Some simple rules to keep in mind: Sharp lines and edges on your eyewear will emphasize yours, which is an effect a curvy girl with padding might want to create. Rounded sides will make a sharp Diamond face fuller and more balanced. The goal should be to balance and enhance your lovely features. Use oval and rimless frames to show off your entire face. Cat eye and rounded rectangular frames give a more streamlined look. Round and oval frames are for really pointy faces that need rounding out. All the above shapes should have really thick brow lines to balance out your wide cheekbones. Also, frames with decoration on the brow will widen the forehead, giving the face an oval look. Stay away from shapes like hearts and aviators unless you want your pointy chin emphasized.

It’s interesting to know that this face type is considered the rarest of all the faces as its difficult to spot a true diamond. This might be true because for a long time, I thought my sister had a heart shaped face and couldn’t understand why styling tips for heart shapes seemed a bit off on her. I had to do more research to find out she has a Diamond face. See? That means don’t give up on yourself. Research, practice, try again should be your mantra when it comes to styling yourself. Remember that I am only a message away and would love to be part of your journey. The next post will cover the Pear/Triangle Facial shape. You don’t want to miss that. Remember that for your true beauty to shine through, you have to follow the words of Mama Ru – if you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you going to love someone else? See ya!




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