Diamond Facial Shape Pt. 1

Diamond Face - Pinterest


Hello Curvy girls! I’ve missed you all so much! My hands have been and out of bandages as they seemed to be dislocating every time I used them. But they are getting better and I’ve missed writing so much that I’m willing to risk it.

We have 2 more shapes left in the facial series. I hope my contents have been useful to you all so far. We will be looking at the Diamond facial shape in this and the next post so let’s get to it!

We all know the Diamond shape. Now, imagine that shape as a face. It would be characterized by a narrow forehead that tapers gradually at the top, narrow chin and yes, you got it, pointy cheekbones. Can’t have a diamond face without those gorgeous, well-defined cheekbones. Let’s look at a few examples.

Diamond face - Ciara - instyle


Diamong Shape - Jennifer Lopez - Beyond Beautiful


Diamond face - Serena - thenewyorktimes







As seen from the images above, the cheekbones are the widest part. Even when the jaw line is fleshy or wide (for curvy girls), it is still noticeably narrower than the cheekbones. This shape is often confused with the Heart shape but the difference is the Heart shape has a broader forehead than the Diamond. It can also be confused with the Oblong or Oval face but the difference is only the Diamond has this particular set of wide and pointed cheekbones. Think Jennifer Lopez, Serena Williams, Ciara, Scarlett Johansson, to name a few. How to find out if this is your facial shape?

Method 1: Draw an outline on your mirror with a lipstick or makeup pencil. Make sure the mirror is larger than your face and we cannot expect perfection as we are not professional artists, but do try to keep your hand as steady as possible. Study the outline you have drawn. You should see a narrow hairline, usually with a widows’ peak or a low edge, high and almost pointed cheekbones and a pointy jaw

Method 2: Measure your face and note down the figures. If your face is longer than it is wide, with your cheekbones being the widest part, ending with a very pointy chin, then it is more than likely that you have a Diamond facial shape.

Method 3: Study the image above very closely, while looking into a mirror. Is your forehead narrower than usual? Is your hairline low or seeming to come to a point (widow’s peak)? Are your cheekbones high and pointed? Is your chin pointy and narrow, almost long? If your answer is yes to most of these questions, then this is your facial shape. Still not sure? Remember that trusted friend I keep talking about? The one that tells you the truth all the time? Time to call them in, give them the image of a Diamond face and let them compare and contrast.  Don’t forget that I am always available to help you. Leave a comment on the blog with a picture of your face in which your hair is pulled to the back and I’ll do the maths!

Diamond Face Brow - thedivasclub

Eyebrows: The second most important thing after finding your facial shape is the shape of brows you should have. This cannot be over-emphasized. The brows are the frame on which the whole face rests. Or the hanger that carries the rest of the face. They are so important they could make or mar your entire look. Keep in mind that it’s all about finding the right balance that evens out any extremes that might be detrimental to your good looks. The intention is to soften the angles in your Diamond face. The widest part also needs to be reduced to create symmetry, while not sacrificing length, especially for curvy girls who tend to have more padding on their faces. The curved brow shape with a bit of an S-shape at the beginning as seen above effectively softness the angles while slimming the face. For the smaller face, however, a rounder shape can be used to broaden the face and to emphasize the delicacy of the forehead and chin.

There are at least 2 or more brow shapes for each facial shape. To make things easier for you, my readers, I am highlighting the best in this facial series. Soon though, I’ll be giving you all these options in a later post.

I hope the writing remains consistent and easy to follow. My aim is for every curvy woman to be able to put herself together without always needing professional help. If someone like me, who up to 2 years ago had no interest in fashion, can do this then I’m sure you curvy divas out got this in the bag. Practice, practice, and don’t give up! Remember that I am only a comment away. Please like, share, comment and let me know what you need to know! See you all soon!









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