Oval Facial Shape Pt. 2

Hello, Curvy Girls! Sorry for the delay but at the risk of sounding like a broken record, with RA and Fibromyalgia in the mix, the only definite plans are medical visits. Hahahahaha. Ok, moving on. Let’s continue with the second part of this lovely face.

Hairstyles – As mentioned before, this is one of the most versatile face shapes. You can wear almost any hairstyle but keep a watchful eye on those that might make your face rounder. For big girls, I would advise that you stick with big hair and styles that are higher on top. Use a pixie cut to show off those lovely features. Side and centre parts also elongate your face whether in a bob, lob or blunt layers. Big hair is the new skinny so free your fro and wear your bohemian curls with pride!

40plusstyle.com Oval face makeup
Cosmopolitan Oval Face makeup

Makeup – All you’re doing is to highlight your face’s best attributes. It’s all an illusion ladies, so have fun with it. Go light on the highlighting and contouring, using foundation 1 shade darker along your jawline and temples to make the whole face look slimmer. You can also draw a 3 from your temples to underneath your cheekbones, then take it to your jawline, if you have a really round oval. A darker bronzer will also do the job for darker skinned girls. Highlighting the middle of your forehead, underneath your eyes to the apples of your cheeks, and your chin will also put your features out there. The only word of caution here is unless you’re going for a dramatic look, play up your eyes or your lips, never both.

Jewellery and Accessories – Even though you can wear anything you like, stick to angular jewellery with rounded sides. Use chandeliers and triangles for dramatic looks while geometric drops and studs can be used for casual looks. Necklines can be any shape but follow the rules of necklaces. Collars, chokers and full necklaces are for longer necks, while triple strand, v-shape and waterfall shapes are for shorter necks. This facial shape also rocks headscarves and headbands like a model!

(www.coastal.com; http://www.pinterest.com; http://www.canadianliving.com)

Eyewear – For this well-balanced face, eyewear is pretty easy. But because it’s easy to look a bit plain, go for geometric shapes like squares or rectangles. Ensure that it’s wider around the eyes as it will better show off your natural balance. The cat eyes shape is your sexy go-to as you can wear this better than most facial shapes.

That’s it for the Oval face, Curvy girls! 2 more facial shapes to go and I want to thank you all for taking this journey with me. After the Facial Shape series, we will be going straight into the body shape series and you don’t want to miss that! Remember, I’m only a message away and would love to be part of this journey to a beautiful you. The beauty is already there and all we are doing is showing you your perfection. Until next time, love yourself!





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