Oval Facial Shape Pt.1

Oval Face 6


Welcome to the continuation of the Facial Shapes series. As usual, we will take one facial shape through two posts to ensure we cover as much ground as possible. In the next 2 posts, we will be discussing the Oval Face. I like to refer to this as the well-balanced egg. It is often hailed as the perfect face due to its versatility in makeup and hairstyles. But I hope through this series I have been able to show you that all facial shapes are perfect!

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Oval Face 7


Oval Face 1


Now, think of an egg and you’ll have the pure Oval Face. It is characterized by slightly wider width at the middle of the face (cheekbone), softly rounded jawline which is just right and narrower at the temples. This face is often confused with a slim Round or Broad Diamond face. The difference between this shape and the Round face is that it’s not as broad or as heavy as the Round. The difference between it and the Diamond is that where the Oval face forehead is broad and round, the Diamond is narrow, often sporting a widow’s peak. Also, the Diamond has a more tapered chin. Think Halle Berry, Sanaa Lathan and Jessica Alba. Let’s see if this is your face.


Method 1: Stand in front of a mirror and pack your hair off your face. Make sure there is no stray hair or bump anywhere. Ensure that you have good lighting. This could either be facing you (shining directly on your face) or directly overhead. Better yet, do this in daylight, facing a source of light eg a window.  Now, trace the outline of your face with a lipstick, chalk or anything that will show a clear image and be easy to clean off. Don’t add in your ears as this might confuse us (not being professional artists and all), so keep your drawing to the outlines of your face and do try to be realistic. You need to work with facts to build your perfect image. Now, study the outline you have drawn. You should see a high round forehead, that widens slightly at the cheekbones, then narrows softly to a softly rounded chin. Think of a large egg.

Method 2: Measure it. Using the soft measuring tape, measure from the beginning of your hairline to the tip of your chin and then measure again from temple to temple. Also, measure from the sharpest point of the jaw to the other. Note down these figures. If your face is Oval, it will be longer than the widest point, with an obviously wider forehead than jawline.

Method 3: Using the characteristics given above, look at your image in a mirror and decipher it. Do you look Oval? Is your forehead a little bulgy and your jaw rounded and slim? The chin looks soft but is the jawline a gentle, easy slope? Does your face look like a well-balanced egg, proportionate in every way? If you answered yes, to all these questions, then you have an Oval face! If you still aren’t sure, show a good friend the image here and let them help you out. Every girl should endeavor to have at least one honest, straight forward friend for not just giving good advice and support but because of situations like.

Oval Face 5



Eyebrows: I feel the need to remind all divas why the perfect brows are a necessity, not a luxury. The brows are the frame on which the face hangs. The right brows open up the eye area and gives the face that polished, complete look.

As with everything on this face, it needs simple brows that are proportionate to the rest of the features while adding a hint of drama. Use a soft angled shape that goes straight up then curves round and down. For a sexy look, try high arches that are moderately thick. Easiest way of drawing this is to find the highest point of your natural arch, then use small strokes to draw a line from the bottom inner point, and another from the outer brow end. Ensure that they meet at the highest point you chose.

Stay tuned for the next installment in this facial shape! Until then, be good to you!

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