Square (Rectangle) Facial Shapes Pt.2

Hello and welcome to the second edition of Square Facial Shapes! We will be learning much today so let’s get to it!

Hairstyles – Remember that you are trying to create a more proportionate face. This means that you don’t want your face looking longer than it already is. Neither do you want it squarer or more stocky. You want to soften the hard edges while still lending fullness to the face without making it longer. There are several ways to do this. Wearing layers like in a shag cut can make your face more oval, opening it up at the cheekbone, while covering up the four corners. Also, avoid too long hair as it will make your face look longer. Big hair works but only if you keep the fullness at the sides and low on top. An updo or hair piled on top will make your face squarer which might be good for curvy girls with a more rounded square. If you want bangs, go for a rounder, softer line than a blunt, straight-cut. Take this into consideration when fixing braids and cornrows. Use side parts on your cornrows to add more width to your face. Don’t forget the pixie cut. It can also add fullness and create a more oval effect if a little bit high and full to the sides. Curls and waves also work as they can further soften the face.


Makeup – The first thing you need to do is soften the 4 corners. This is achieved by using contour. Blend your contour product from the corners, blending them to conceal all those hard edges. Then, use highlighter to draw attention to the middle of your forehead, chin and cheekbone. The Golden rule of contour and highlighter is to always contour what you want to hide while highlighting what you want to show off. Also, using a dramatic lip color creates a pout that draws attention away from your jaw.

Eyewear – Round and oval glasses are the best for this facial shape. These will soften your sharp edges and make your face look more proportionate. Also, look for glasses in dramatic colors to divert attention from your angles. A dramatic cat eye also does wonders as it widens your face, rounds out your edges and is interesting to look at!

Jewelry – In line with continuing the softening of your face, choose rounded jewelry, even when it’s dangling. Slim jewelry gives your face an almost nude look which allows your hair and makeup stand out. Studs and hoops should be oval. Necklaces should also drop in rounded shapes. Consider long V-neck and long T-neck Avoid chokers as they can make your face look harsh. Necklines should also follow the same rules of necklaces. Use curve and vertical lines like the V-neck, scoop neck, sweet-heart and moderate cowl necks.

It takes time and effort to look good, Ladies. But practice makes perfect. You are not studying all the facial shapes. All you need to do is find out your own shape and then read everything necessary for it. Use the sources I have listed below to get more info on your facial shape. The more you use this knowledge, the more of it sticks in your head. Soon, you will know everything you need offhand without consulting anyone or any site. One way to more readily remember this is to keep in mind your facial shape and then, know the overall effect you are trying to create eg where you need to soften and highlight. It all comes together after that.

Do remember that you are not changing yourself but are bringing out your best. I have met a lot of women who say that they don’t want to constantly hide themselves under makeup, as they prefer their natural beauty. I believe that makeup is not to be hidden under. If as humans we should learn to improve ourselves every day, then it becomes highly imperative that we also endeavor to look our best. But, you do need to see your true beauty to be able to bring out the best in it. As Mama Ru always says, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?” Til next post, Ladies, be good to you!

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