Square (Rectangle) Facial Shape Pt. 1

Welcome to the continuation of the Facial Shapes series. As usual, we will take one facial shape through two posts to ensure we cover as much ground as possible. We will be discussing the Square shape in this and the following article so let’s get to it!  A square shape is characterised by a heavier, more visible jaw line, flat forehead, hairline ending at same width with jaw line. Some square faces are longer than wide which makes them more rectangular or if it’s lean, it’s a rectangle also. When rounded, it’s a true square but they carry the same square jaw line which is what we are working with. It’s a sexy facial shape due to certain qualities like the fact that it is not so common, the inner strength it hints at or the fact that it lends itself well to the androgynous look which can make its bearer mysterious. Let’s find out if this is your face!


Method 1: Stand in front of a mirror and pack your hair off your face. Make sure there is no stray hair or bump anywhere. Ensure that you have good lighting. This could either be facing you (shining directly on your face) or directly overhead. Better yet, do this in daylight, facing a source of light eg a window.  Now, trace the outline of your face with a lipstick, chalk or anything that will show a clear image and be easy to clean off. Don’t add in your ears as this might confuse us (not being professional artists and all), so keep your drawing to the outlines of your face and do try to be realistic. You need to work with facts to build your perfect image. Now, study the outline you have drawn. You should see a wide flat forehead with a square hairline with ends that align with the squarest part of your jaw. The distance between your temple hair line end and your jaw points is very important to note as this tells you if you have a true square or a rectangle.

Method 2: Measure it. Using the soft measuring tape, measure from the beginning of your hairline to the tip of your chin and then measure again from temple to temple. Also, measure from the sharpest point of the jaw to the other. Note down these figures. If your face is square, the length and width will be almost the same, with the length being slightly longer than the width. If it is square, jaw points and temple points will have the same width.

Method 3: Using the characteristics given above, look at your image in a mirror and decipher it. Do you look square? Is your forehead square and your jaw heavy and angular? The chin might look a bit long but is the jaw line firm and unapologetic? If you answered yes, to all these questions, then you have a square face! If you still aren’t sure, show a good friend the image here and let them help you out. Every girl should endeavour to have at least one honest, straight-forward friend for not just giving good advice and support but because of situations like.

eyebrow-for-square-faceEyebrows: You can use your brows to balance out your heavy jaw line or to soften it. A thick, sharply angled brow will balance your angular jaw line. Make sure it’s dark enough with a sharp angle both below and on top. If you have a more rectangular square, use an S-shaped curve to soften those angles and edges. Make it a gentle S if you want a soft, natural look. Add a peaked arch (not angle) to the S, make sure it’s aligned with the widest angle of your jaw if you want balance while having length.

No one ever said it would be easy to look permanently hot. It takes work and effort but the payoff is totally worth it. If you want more information, check out the sites I used for research below. Do stay tuned for the continuing part of this lovely face.

thebeautydepartment.com / chicfashionista.com / youbeauty.com / stylepresso.com / mysticbeauty.com



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