Facial Shapes – Oblong Face Pt. 2

Hello Curvy Girls! Welcome to the 2nd edition of Oblong Faces in the Facial Shapes series. We will be learning all the other stuff girls with Oblong faces need to bring out their inner Curvy Girl. Let’s get started!

Hairstyles – As the effect is to widen and shorten the face, styles that are piled high on the head, or pixie cuts with high tops are a no-no. For short hair, think of a bowl cut like Mary J.Blige’s or a feathered cut that frames the upper part of your face. Stay away from center parts unless when wearing really full or big hair. Use side parts to widen your face, and full curls to flesh it out. Large barrel curls, spiral curls, waves, tousled or bed head will all look good on you.

Avoid hair that extends more than 2 inches below shoulder length and then it should be straight with bangs or have beach waves. Braids, crochet and faux locs with deep or shallow waves or curls are perfect. For medium length hair, always make sure there are waves in it and it come no more than an inch below your chin length.

For those who want to wear a bob, try long in front and graduated behind, or medium length bobs with waves and curls. Stay away from wavy fringes and do blunt or wispy fringes to shorten your face completely and conceal that often pronounced forehead.

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Makeup – This face is one of the easiest to contour and highlight. Remember that you are trying to create an oval face. As seen in the image above, all you need to do is:

Contour the top of the forehead close to hairline to reduce the forehead. Contour the hollows of your cheeks to create pronounces cheeks and depth to your face which completely removes the flat planes on your face. Contour underneath the chin to create a blunt roundedness in place of the sharper look.

Next, highlight under the eyes in an upside-down triangle. This makes the cheeks pop while making the eye look brighter as most girls with this facial shape often have sunken eyes. These steps are steps that no curvy girl can do without. Turn that lovely face into the gem it is!


Jewelry – You need to make that Oblong face look wider and shorter so use short, chunky necklaces and chunky chokers to create the look you want. For earrings, look out for button, fan, round and hoop earrings. These should be chunky and wider than it is long, not dropping below the chin. Any jewelry below the chin will do nothing but emphasize the length of your face.


Eyewear – Look for rectangular heart shaped or cat eye shape frames as they will make the Oblong face wider. Also look out for frames with decorative or contrasting temples. Don’t forget to give those high bridges a miss and go for low bridges as these shorten the nose thereby shortening the entire face.

Being beautiful is always a process that comes from within and the first step is the interest. Below are the sites I get information from and you can get this information too. Go browse some of these sites and find out even more info. Research and study is a healthy way to start recreating yourself. If you still feel so unsure of yourself, I am only a comment and message away. I would love to be part of your journey to a loving, curvy, and beautiful new you.

Sources: http://www.look-fabulous.com





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