Facial Shapes : Oblong Face Pt. 1


In this edition in the Facial Shapes series, we will be looking at the Oblong face. This shape is also called the Long face and is characterized by a long high forehead flowing into cheekbones that are the same width then tapering into a long rounded chin. An easier way to describe this shape would be that it is longer than its width, flat cheekbones, which makes it longer and slimmer than an Oval face.

It belongs to the long facial shapes which of which the Diamond face also belongs. How to find out if you have a long face? Let’s do our methods:

Method 1: Draw an outline on your mirror with a lipstick or makeup pencil. Make sure the mirror is larger than your face and though we cannot expect perfection as we are not professional artists, do try to keep your hand as steady as possible. Study the outline you have drawn. You should see a narrow, sometimes slightly bulgy or flat forehead with the same width as your cheekbones, flowing into a narrow jawline which leads to a long, slightly rounded chin.

Method 2: Measure your face and note down the figures. If your face is longer than it is wide, with your forehead to cheek and jaw measurements almost equal, and the length of your face at least 50-60% longer than the width of your face, then you most likely have an Oblong shape.

Method 3: Study the image above very closely, while looking into a mirror. Is your face longer than it is wide? Are your cheeks and forehead the same width? Is your chin long and rounded? Is your forehead high, long with a rounded hairline that lets it be a bit more pronounced? If you answered yes to most of these questions, then you most likely have an Oblong face. If you aren’t sure, its time to get the opinion of that trusted friend I keep telling you about. Besides I am available to answer any queries, no matter when.

As Mama Ru says “we are all born naked. The rest is just drag”, you need to create your own illusion. The perfect shape is said to be the Oval shape and what you need to do is increase the width while shortening the length of this long face.


Eyebrows : Ah, don’t sigh. The brows are the frame of the face and if you ever get them right, you will see the remarkable difference it makes to your face. As the Oblong face needs to be widened, the last thing you need is high arcs that will further lengthen your brows. Your best brows as depicted in the image above are slightly thick, straight brows with short tails that come down ever so slightly. That tail is just there to frame the face and emphasize its new width. The main shortener here is the thick, straight brows. These can be achieved by first, shade in a short straight line where your brow begins or where you want it to begin. Then draw out a straight line going over the brow bone. Repeat underneath, before shading it in. This line should end where the curve on your face is, and the tail should start from there. Remember, you should not arch or curve it in any way. Just follow the natural curve of the brow bone.

I hope you ladies are having fun so far! Finding out that you can bring out your beauty on your own is something that all women crave. When you are plus size, this independence seems to be even more widely sought. So, have fun and remember that I am only a comment away! Do like, share, comment and let me know what you need to know!


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