Facial Shapes – Heart Face Pt.1


Welcome to the 2nd Edition in my Facial Shapes series. We will be discussing the Heart shape in this and the following article. This is due to a special request by one of my readers. As you ask, I will discuss accordingly. The heart shaped face is one of the cutest facial shapes characterised by wide cheekbones leading to a sharp/pointy chin. This shape has a lot in common with the Diamond shape, but while the diamond has an equally pointy hairline/forehead, the heart shape is wider and a bit bulbous. They both belong to triangular shapes and are often put together but I believe there are enough differences for me to discuss them separately. Remember cartoons with talking ants, like the animation movie Ants? Those ants have perfect heart-shaped faces. So, do you have a heart face? Let’s find out!

Methods 1, 2 and 3 are fully covered in Pt.1 of my round shape. But what dimensions are you looking for?

Method 1: Study the outline you have drawn. You should see a wide forehead with the same width as your jawline and a rounded hairline. Also, look out for a pointy chin and wide cheeks that are a bit narrower than your forehead.

Method 2: Measure your face and note down the figures. If your face is longer than it is wide, with the widest part being your forehead then you most likely have a heart shape.

Method 3: Study the image above very closely, while looking into a mirror. Is your face longer than it is wide? Are your cheeks and jaw line the same width? Is your chin cute and pointy? Do you look a bit elfin? If you answered yes to most of these questions, then you most likely have a heart face. If you aren’t sure, remember that trusted friend I keep telling you about? Get them involved so you can get an unbiased opinion.

What you need to do now is keep in mind the illusion you want to create. The perfect face is seen as the oval (don’t know why or who decided this). You want to make your face look more oval while turning your cuteness into full blown feminine beauty.


Eyebrows : I know, I know. This can be so tiring. When I stay indoors for just a week, I forget how to get them right. So now, I try to draw them after my shower in the morning just to keep the know-how readily available. As shown in the image above, the heart shaped face needs to be made to look more proportionate and this can be done with brows that are arced yet rounded. Imagine your chin is the bottom of the heart, with your brows as the top of the heart. No edges for this beauty.  This shape will soften the points and width, yet look mature. If drawn thin, they look elegant and sexy, while thicker brows will make a more bulbous forehead smaller and will lend youthfulness to an older heart shape.

This can be quite easy to draw as you sweep your pencil or wand in a nice, smooth low angled arch will achieve the desired effects. You can then decide how thick or thin you want it. The height of your angle also depends on your face. If your face looks short and petite, a higher angle will make it more elegant, while a softer angle will make a long heart more feminine. Also, if you do want to play up your elfin features, then you can use a high angle too. Are you more adventurous? Then try the S-shaped brow. It’s sexy!

Don’t give up on yourself, Ladies. Every woman deserves to not only look beautiful, but to be able to create her best look. Afterall, who wants the best for you as much as you want it for yourself? Remember to like, follow and comment so that I can help you in every way possible if you find yourself stuck at any point. Stay tuned for the continuing part of this lovely face.


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