Facial Shapes – Round Face Pt. 2


Hairstyles : To create proportion in a curvy body, it is best to wear your hair as full as possible. Add some extensions for the fun of it if you have to. The resulting sexy confidence it gives is so worth it. Wear wavy hair, wear curly hair, wear thick straight hair. Use center parts to create an oval face. Use side parts or no parts to create a squarer jaw. Use streaks (Highlights) to elongate the face. Bangs slim the face, hiding foreheads and chubby cheeks. Bangs of the asymmetrical kind are great with short hair too but I would advice plus size girls learn to love long hair as it has a slimming effect on the whole body. It should pass the shoulder but not beyond the lower shoulder blade as it could drown the body if too long. Play with pixie cuts as well as long as there is more height on top. Remember, its height not length that should be the most important thing in the pixie cut for a round face. Bobs with flipped out edges like Mary j. Blige’s signature hairstyle when she was younger are a perfect combination of cuts, lengths and bangs. Pile braids high on the head in a wide base. Use cornrows to create a thick, sweeping ponytail. When doing ponytails with normal hair, have bangs or make it as thick and sweeping as possible. Don’t worry, your body can handle all the drama you dish out. But the best hairstyle for African women will always be the Afro. No matter what size you are, this style remains universally beautiful.


Makeup : Remember that the illusion being created is to make the face more oval. Makeup goes a long way. Put in your contour in the shape of a large slightly, flattened 3 on each side of your face (as seen in the image above). Be very strict with your highlighter and blush as the slightest mishap will make your face rounder and not in a good way. As always, make your foundation and powder as natural as possible. Mistakes show ore on us curvy girls.

Jewelry : As a curvy girl, you’ve got to make sure your accessories are large enough. I don’t mean gangsta jewelry (even though on nights out, a little gangsta accessories never hurt anyone). I mean, get the right size and shapes for your face. Round faces should stick to vertical designs and square designs too. Stay away from hoops unless they are long and large enough to come below your chin line. You can get away with wearing unusual geometric patterns as against the youthfulness of your face, they look arty. You’re allowed to wear your Boho feather earrings et al. Studs should be generally avoided unless you can get the square and rectangular type. If they must be round, they would be large and obvious. You can’t be a big girl with a round face and wear jewelry that disappears.


Eyewear Shapes : A round face needs rectangular and square shapes. Stay away from rounder or even oval shapes. If you must do a cat eye (I absolutely love them), make sure it’s wider than your face. Also, ensure the cat-eye wings are visibly wider than your face. This will lift your face up. Squares and rectangles will make your face look petite and feminine, instead of moonish.

I hope this has been helpful. Remember that you can ask me any questions here and I will help as much as possible. Don’t forget to like, comment, share and follow to spread the word. We will be looking at Heart shaped faces next because of a request from one of my readers. Do join me for that. As Mama Ru always says, we are born naked. The rest is just drag!



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