Facial Shapes – Round Face Pt. 1

Welcome to the first edition of Facial Shapes. I intend to take each facial shape as comprehensibly as possible so if you don’t see your facial shape immediately, do wait for the next edition. The facial shapes series is a 7-part series that will show you how to detect your facial shapes and what to do with it to bring out a perfect you.  When you are plus size, it is easy to assume you have a round face, but if you take your time and follow these methods patiently, you will see your face’s true shape.  One of the best things about being plus size though, is that it’s easy to look younger and more youthful  while still looking all female! Today’s article is all about the Round Face. Is your face Round? Let’s find out!

Method 1 : Stand in front of a mirror and pack your hair off your face. Make sure there are no strays or bump. Ensure that you have good lighting. This could either be facing you (shining directly on your face) or directly overhead. Better yet, do this in daylight, facing a source of light eg a window.  Now, trace the outline of your face with a lipstick, chalk or anything that will show a clear image and be easy to clean off. Don’t add in your ears as this might confuse us (not being professional artists and all), so keep your drawing to the outlines of your face and do try to be realistic. You need to work with facts to build your perfect image after all. A round face is nearly as wide as it is long with the widest point being the cheeks.

Method 2 : Measure it. Using the soft measuring tape, measure from the beginning of your hairline to the tip of your chin, then measure again from temple to temple. If your face is round, the length and width will be almost the same, with the width being slightly wider than the length.


Method 3 : Using the characteristics given above, look at your image in a mirror and decipher it. Is your forehead broad and your jaw rounded? It might have a bit of a rounder point at the chin but the jaw line is definitely rounded. When you smile do you have Easter egg cheeks ie all round cheeked when you flash a beaming smile? Do you still look like you have a little puppy fat in your face? If you answered yes, to all these questions, then you have a round face! If you still aren’t sure, show a good friend the image here and let them help you out. Every girl should endeavour to have at least one honest, straight-forward friend for not just giving good advice and support but because of situations like this.

Next, keep in mind the illusion you want to create. What you want to do for the round face is add length and pull the face upwards, that way your cheeks don’t look saggy and you look more mature and elegant instead of child-like. There are several ways to do this. Let’s start!


Eyebrows : This is the frame of the face and can never be discounted, no matter how we might resist it. Your brows can literally make or mar your face. Arched brows are the best for round faces because they draw the eye up and down, which adds length to the face and slims the face. Shown here, try to make your arch as high as possible for it to still look natural as this is at different levels for each of us. Please avoid the high archs that give you a permanently surprised look. Also avoid rounded brows as they will make your face even rounder. Also avoid the flat brows as all they do is make your face wider and flatter. It can be stressful but if you practice at least once every day, you will find ways to do it in minutes so it adds almost nothing to your makeup routine. Go on, you can do it!

Put in the effort and you’ll see the rewards. Do look out for the second concluding part to this article. Don’t forget: Put your questions in the comments and I will definitely help you out. Until next time, as Mama RuPaul always says, “We’re born naked. The rest is just drag!.”


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