Colour Guide For Your Skintones

I hope you ladies found my skintone piece informative and are working on finding out what yours are. Skintones are one fundamental piece that can literally turn your whole style around. You will look more vibrant, your eyes will look clearer, you will glow and you will feel more alive than ever before. All this just from getting your skintone right!

Tips to Remember: These colours are to be used not only for clothes but also for selecting makeup like eye shadow, lipsticks, hair colour, nail polish etc. Soft and Warm Summer are also very similar but to add a bit more richness ( if your tones are a really Warm Summer, take shades from Soft/Warm Autumn to contrast). Experiment and experiment. You really have to put effort into it if you want to perfect this. All women who are fashion conscious want to get to the point  where these things come so easily and every outfit will be on point. When you make mistakes don’t berate yourself because you’ll be destroying your confidence. Learn from it and correct it next time (besides, think about how wonderful people will think you are when you start giving out clothes to friends and relatives).

Also do research using online resources like Google, Pinterest, Outfit ideas for to get to know your tones better. Download stuff like this and keep close on a device you use regularly like your phone or tablet. That way, it’s always on hand if you ever want to make an impulse purchase. After some more practise, you will find that the colours start coming to you oh so naturally and you’ll be able to choose your colours without having to consult your phone or tablet. Voila, you have become your own fashion consultant! :





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