Getting the Best Hair Colour Results


As we get older, our colouring tends to change. Hair darkens or lightens, eyes darken or lighten, but it seems we never remember that skin does the same. Skin tones lighten and darken at different stages in your growth. You always remain within the same palette but you shift across the spectrum. For example, most of her life, my mother was a Deep Autumn but recently as she crossed her 50’s, she’s getting so golden that she’s now a very Warm Autumn.

If you do want to get the best results from your hair colour, you would do well to not only keep your skin tone in mind, but to also keep in mind where on the colour spectrum you are. This will help you choose the colour that best suits you. But to achieve the perfect shade of that colour, you need to find out what colour and hue your hair was when you were a child. I’ll explain.


You might be colouring your hair and wondering why it never comes out the way it says on the pack. I used to colour my hair in spicy red but it always came out like a reddish auburn, never the rich, clear wine that I wanted. One day, my mother told me that when I was a kid, my hair was a rich brown. Voila! Problem solved! Hair has a basic pigment that’s even deeper than what it shows on the surface. When looking at the colour pack and comparing from what the colour of your natural hair is to the hue the colour will give you, use your base hair colour, not the colour it is now. Because I had a brown base, my hair colour always came out auburn. So, I made allowance for that and chose a colder, more vivid red similar to one of the brighter berry shades. When applied, it was strong enough to overpower my hair colour base, interacting with it to give me a darker, richer wine which is what I really wanted and also fitted my Deep Winter skin tones better.

So, remember to find out what hair colour you were born with. Keep it firmly in mind or carry a childhood picture, if possible. Then choose what hue/shade of the colour you want based on what fits your skin tone. Believe me, you’ll be amazed at the result. No more orangey hue! No more dead mousy brown colour! You’ll get picture perfect colour which is what you deserve. Yes, I did say you would work for this. But then, looking like you were born this perfect comes with effort.


Don’t forget an important hair tip: The best length of hair for plus sized women is a length that feathers/ tapers to the tops of your breasts. Also, no one rocks big hair like big women. Break out the rollers, curlers and fros! Big makes us smaller and more balanced which gives you a sleeker look. It’s the new skinny for big women.


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