Skintone Image 3

There are 4 different color tones, namely: Winter, Autumn, Spring, Summer

Contrary to popular opinion even women of color fall into these tones. When I went online, I was surprised to find out that most black women fall into autumn or winter. This is simply not true!

Each of these main tones are further broken down into light and dark, then cool, soft, warm, and clear. Everyone has a definite dominant colouring that when discovered enhance and brighten their overall look, even hiding flaws and blemishes.

But because women of colour don’t often have coloured hair or eyes, it’s hard to follow the typical seasonal colour quiz. Hopefully, I can help with that. First, start by discerning if you are warm or cold toned. Jewellery is one of the easiest ways to do this. Wear gold jewellery on one side of your face and silver on the other side. Which colour makes your skin come alive? Which makes you look healthier? Makes your eyes sparkle and glow? If you think you will be biased (perhaps you naturally love gold or silver jewellery), ask the opinion of someone that knows you well and who’s advice you trust.

Another good way is using scarves. Toss a cream scarf over one shoulder and a white scarf over the other. You can also take pictures if you have a good camera. Remember, daylight is the best light to do this. If you’re using a camera, turn off as many effects as you can without sacrificing picture clarity. If neither works out, try a soft peach scarf or rose jewellery and see if that works for you.

I know at this point you most likely just want a quiz that leads you to the answer. But remember that looking good takes a lot of effort and the things you learn by yourself stick more than ready-made ideas. If you go through all the processes in your make-over, not only will you find it easier to apply/ready at your fingertips, you’ll have a deep sense of fulfilment. I’m also only an email and picture away, yes, you don’t have to do this alone if you’ve got not one whose advice you trust. Just email me your concerns with a picture (full body or face) and I’ll be glad to help for no charge at all.

Now that you’ve gone through that step, you’re ready for the next step. Each of these tones have hues. Warm tones have deep-warm and warm. Cool tones have deep-cool and clear cool. Rose tones have clear rose and warm rose tones. In the seasonal range this would translate to:

Warm = Autumn

Deep-warm= Deep Autumn

Warm-warm = Warm Autumn

Cool tones = True Winter

Deep-cool =Deep winter

Clear-cool = Clear Winter

Rose tones = Warm Autumn/ Warm Summer

Warm Rose = Soft Autumn

Clear= Soft Summer

These are the skin tones I believe most women of color fall into. Caucasian woman also have the choice of spring and summer ie clear spring, warm spring, clear summer etc. But these have to do with colored eyes like blue, green etc. This is where we do more trials. If you’re warm toned, try different shades of gold, brown and peach. You’ll know if you’re warm or deep. This is a very common tone for women of color. Winter is a bit rarer and you’re either really dark or have some multiracial genes. To know if you are deep or clear, try true shades of pink and blue.

Rose can be more tricky as Soft Autumn has a lot in common with Warm Autumn and Soft Summer. The most notable difference between Soft and Warm Autumn is that Soft Autumn is muted and yes, softer than the vibrant golds and deep yellows of warm autumns. While in turn Soft Summer is whiter/ashier than all the other colors. I also call this hue the opalescent hue as it can take sharper, white based shades of green, blue yellow etc. In fact, this hue rocks electric shades better any other hue.

So, get busy finding your skin tone and watch yourself bloom!



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