Tips For Curvy Perfection Pt. 2

CGC post 3


Experiment! Experiment!! Experiment!!! : See an outfit you like but don’t know if it will fit, try it out. Experiment. Keep your basic fashion rules in your head but don’t let your fears stop you from trying out everything and anything you like. So many people have found signature pieces that way and have learnt better ways of dressing their body. So, go out there and have a blast! Shop! Try patterns, colors and matches. You will come out better informed.

Never Say Never : The best way to keep on experimenting is to never say never. Just because you’ve put on weight does not mean you have to get rid of your previous style. The style might still be right for you with only a change in size needed. Don’t dismiss a fad out of hand because you can’t imagine yourself in that.  I never follow fashion as a rule but sometimes fashion reminds us of styles and designs that we might be unaware of. What you want to do is add that fad to your style without compromising your individuality.

Let Your Dressing Style Reflect Your Personality: This is the only way to remain fashionably individual. As a curvy girl, you will have to put in more effort into your looks than otherwise but the good thing about this is that it gives you the opportunity to pay attention to yourself. Don’t follow what’s in vogue blindly and don’t dismiss it either. Are you naturally quiet, calm and soothing? Don’t feel you have to wear the loudest of colors or the skimpiest of outfits to blend in. Are you gregarious, optimistic and confident? Don’t think you have to hide your curves in somber colors when all you want to do is wear jewel tones. They say dress as you want to be addressed. Let your true colors come shining through.

Make Conscious Effort: The fashion rules that you need to keep in mind will not stay with you automatically. You need to remind yourself consciously until it becomes a part of you. Don’t try to learn it all at once. Store the fundamentals and other things will come to you. For example, keep in mind your body shape and facial shape, and it will be easier to remember the things you need to avoid etc. If your issues are with colors making you look pale or washed out, then all you need to keep in mind at first are your skin tones and how they interpret into the things around you. Play guessing games with it, apply it to everything you see and after a while, it will become second nature to you.

Carriage and Etiquette: Tis a shame that finishing schools are no longer as common or widespread as they used to be. Women seem to have forgotten proper decorum and behavior. No, I’m not saying we should return to an age where women simpered and swooned, but I am saying we return to an age where all women walked straight backed, proper strides with the right placement of feet and sat down properly. I cannot count the number of times I have been embarrassed on behalf of someone else. Bent backs, sitting with the thighs apart, walking with 2 left feet, having zippers open, or skirts that have ridden up etc. I mean, if you feel air on a part of you that was formerly covered, doesn’t that mean something anymore? A lot of women pay attention to their surroundings and the rights clothes, shoes etc but they have no real seal awareness. As a curvy girl, it is easy to look like you are spilling all over the place and scattered but if you keep yourself in your sphere, with the right carriage and manners, you will look elegant and in control of your body not the other way around.


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