Tips for Curvy Perfection

Being a curvy girl and carrying it well is more than the clothes you wear. It is in your attitude. It is in the right hairstyle. The right makeup. The right accessories. You need the entire package for you to be truly curvy and perfect. As the fashion industry is just beginning to help curvy girls out by producing for us (not just larger versions of the small sizes that still fit rather awkwardly), it is mostly up to us to work with what we have.

I will later expand on all the tips I am giving below, but I want to mention them now so we have them at the backs of our minds and can start working on them individually.

Know Your Body Shape: Until you know your body shape, you will keep doing lots of trial by error, wondering why the outfit that looked so good in your head, looks awful in real life. Knowing your body shape will help you choose the right patterns, the right designs, the right underwear, the right clothes and the right shoes. It will even decide the size and construct of bag you carry. Remember that on a curvy girl, it is quite easy to look shabby and you want to avoid that at all costs. So, know your body shape.

Know Your Facial Shape: Just like the above, this knowledge helps you chose the right hairstyle, the right eyebrow shape, the right lipstick. The right hat and the right jewelry. This is all important stuff, right?

Know Your Skin tones: Your skin tones are those hints of color underneath your skin that are like your own special signature. That is why the same shade of eye-shadow, lipstick and powder can look different on several people of seemingly the same color. Your skin tone dictates how every color will interact with you. Eyeliner, lipstick, foundation, eye-shadow, nail polish, scarves,clothes etc. For example, I have been wondering why my fav black eyeliner doesn’t look as dark on me as I would like. Then, I found out that my sister’s very dark blue liner looked even darker and more vivid on me. The reason? My sister is rose toned (warm neutral)and I am deep (bluish) toned. Voila!

Be Realistic About Your Faults: Yes, ladies here is the time to come clean to ourselves. Stop complaining, whining, hiding from the mirror like Count Drac’s Bride and take a good, long look at yourself. If you realize that you are too critical to be honest, then get someone you trust to give you an honest opinion. What you need is a list of your good pints and your flaws (yes, no matter how  horrible or amazing you think you look, we all have them). You will be dressing to downplay those faults and highlight your good points (I call it Contour Dressing). Try to look at yourself like unbiased spectator. But if you are unrealistic, you could very well be hiding a gorgeous point and vice versa.

Enthusiastically Love Your Curves: I say enthusiastically because we all have those days we are certain we look like a cross between a raccoon and a porcupine. And for curvy girls, this is way harder for us. But enthusiasm and love for your curves will make you see them in the best light, which will make you want to dress them as they deserve, which will make you love them even more….

Pick The Right Size of Accessories: Just as petite women look good in delicate jewelry, big girls do not. Even if you are blessed with delicate hands, wrists and ankles, the idea is to create perfectly balanced proportions that make you look curvy, not chunky. Your accessories e.g bags, watches, earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces and shoes all have to be of the right size. The alternative can make you look bigger than you are or downright frumpy.

To be cont…………………………………………




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