Welcome to the CGC!

CGC post 1 pic

Welcome to the Curvy Girl Corner! This is a blog written by a curvy girl for curvy girls. It has been argued that I am not big enough to be a curvy girl but at 5”9 and size 18, I go through the same issues that a bigger woman would go through. While this blog will be mainly for women of color, I believe all curvy girls will find it useful.

We will be talking clothes, shoes, makeup, hairstyles, accessories, books (because I am a bookworm and it just wouldn’t seem right), diet and all the tips I learn and put together to keep your curves, be healthy and own yourself.

I hope this will be an interactive blog and look forward to answering your questions on fashion, including makeup, hair and everything in between. If there is a technique or post you need further clarification on, please drop me a note.

I need to make one thing clear though: This is not about curvy girls being better than skinny girls. I believe that health comes first and so long as you are healthy, nothing else counts. But the fashion industry until very recently has been influenced by the world who in turn are influenced by the fashion industry (vicious cycle) and curvy women have been shamed. I find it hard to be unbiased now when the more accepted figure of woman claims she is being shamed, but I will try to be. Curvy girls have taken the same thing forever and are just beginning to come into their own.

I hope to show the joys and beauty of being a full-figured woman. How to encase your curves, in a way that makes you feel good about yourself,  no matter your body shape. Make no mistake, this is about you, no one else. If you look like a million bucks but don’t feel it, then it’s a massive waste. But the good thing about fashion is, what we see influence our minds a whole lot more than we think. Besides, a woman fights her battles best when she’s looking her best.

The Curvy Girl Corner is that corner where us curvy girls can come to get ideas, tips and pick-me-ups before venturing back into the crazy, unforgiving world.

Once again Ladies, Welcome to the Curvy Girl Corner.


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